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Monark Global Limited is a privately held, British-based

e-commerce company that acquires and develops online brands with the objective of growing them into leaders in their niche markets both in the UK and internationally.

The company was founded in 2006 by Len Gullan, the present CEO

Our Brands

My Imagination Toys™

My Imagination Toys is dedicated to inspiring creativity and play in children of all ages through a curated collection of sustainable toys. The products are designed to stimulate imagination, promote cognitive and physical development and are made from high-quality materials for safety and longevity.

Our Services


Eternally-Tru engagement rings cater for the growing number of couples who are concerned about the damaging effects of mining on the environment and prefer a ring with sustainable, lab-grown gems that look as good, last as long and is far more affordable.

Violet Jordan™

Violet Jordan is a British-made makeup brand with products created specially for women, over the age of 50, who want to simplify their makeup routine as they reach mid-life and beyond.

The 50’s demographic is the largest in the UK with over 50-million people who hold 80% of the national wealth.


Tru-Diamonds is the UK's leading brand of sustainable, laboratory grown gemstone jewellery.

Introduced in 2006, it was developed in anticipation of today's burgeoning demand for an earth-friendly and authentic alternative to environmentally damaging mined diamonds.

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